Amanda Blake.

'Bee Wall'
New Briton, June 2012

Fresco and beeswax on found quarry tiles, from left to right:
Broadhaven, mussel shell; Broadhaven, sand; Swan Lake, sand; Precep, sand; Precep shell; Paragon, shell; Penarth, alabaster


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My practice is minimal in nature and rooted in the land. Using traditional processes and natural raw materials I explore what painting can offer as a way of thinking and reflecting on our natural environment and issues surrounding sustainability.

Work often begins when walking and spending time in a familiar environment. Collecting stone, sands, shell and earth, sieving and grinding them for use in fresco or watercolour and building up painting grounds provide the basis for the making and thinking that follow.

What occurs naturally through process and its repetitive nature is important. It provides both the form and the content, and allows work to develop that explores the natural qualities of materials and our relationship to them.

Through colour and light, surface and depth questions can arise on our connection to the land and our environment, on the provenance and sustainability of materials, and, not least, on our thinking around their use and their value.

Amanda Blake, 2012


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